Inauguration of Micro Focus Company Program

Inauguration of Micro Focus Company Program

31 October in Videos

In order to impart training to students in artificial intelligence, cyber security and machine learning, Sage University has done MOU with HP Micro focus Company. First training program of micro focus inaugurated on 30 October 2018 at SAGE University.

Transneuron CEO Shri Shivam Sharma interacted with the students of the University. He shared planning of various future activitiesthroughout the year at SAGE and explained to students about the future of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber ​​Security and Machine Learning. He assured the students about placements and internships. He motivated them to start their own venture.He also proposed an investor desk for future university entrepreneurs.

Assistant Business Development Manager Shri Uday Shankar also interacted with students and faculty members. He said that MNCs have a huge opportunity in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber ​​Security and they would be willing to appoint you after the completion of your program.

Hon’ble Prof Chancellor Dr. Prashant Jain and Hon’bleVice Chancellor Dr. Tushar K. Nath also addressed the students. They congratulated the students of the Institute of Advance computing, Sage University for this excellent opportunity to learn directly from the people of the trained industry.

Hon’ble Prof Chancellor Dr. Prashant Jain, Vice Chancellor Dr. Tushar Nath, Vice President Dr. RK Chaudhary, Registrar Dr. Manish Chaudhary welcomed the guests. Institute of Advance computing, Head of Sage University, Dr. Kaldeep Raghuvanshi thanked everyone and conveyed the benefits of the program and assured that this collaboration will play an important role in enhancing the skills of students.