Want to become a judge? Join the law college that trains you specifically for judiciary exams.

We recognize your ambition. We offer the only curriculum in the entire country that trains you not only as a lawyer, but to become a judge. Why join separate tutorials outside college when the best teachers for judicial exams can train you inhouse, over the years?

You need the best legal training, and a special preparation so that you do not waste year after year trying to crack judicial exams.

That's where we come in. We'll work with you to train you over the 5 years not only so that you become a lawyer, but also give you all the required training so that you can easily crack judiciary exams. We will ensure that you have many sessions with real judges, who help us to groom you to crack all the exams, interviews and other hurdles. We will train you even in the local laws that will give you an edge over others. Also, you will start earlier than others, and get full support from our university for every endeavour!

Here's everything you get...

Amazing campus and hostels

Our state of the arts hostel is best in central India. There is an entire sports complex coming up in the campus. The campus has been built with an investment of over 200 Cr. Other colleges simply cannot match the ambience of our hostel and campus.

Low fees

We are not only the best in our category, but offer very low fee. Currently, the fee is just INR 50,000 per year.

Best Upcoming University in MP

The Hon’ble Chief Minister has recognized our university as the best upcoming University in MP.

Practical training

All other law colleges teach you just sections and case laws, but we have tied up with industries best coaches to offer practical training of law for the first time in Indore.

Highly specialised law subjects

Want to learn subjects like international law, cyber law, space law, or intellectual property law? We have top faculty from around the world available to teach such subjects. We have MoU in place with LawSikho.com for the same.

Interact with famous lawyers and judges

We invite top judges and lawyers from all over the country to meet our students and interact with them. Our law institute was visited on the very first day by famous Supreme Court lawyer KTS Tulsi, along with a former Chief Justice of High Court and other judges from MP.

Advisory Panel

Members of our advisory panel include to academicians and Vice Chancellors of National Law Universities.

Internship and recruitment support

We provide internship and recruitment support to all our students. If you study and perform well, the university will help you to get internships and jobs. We will help you to get judicial clerkships with judges too.

Publish articles

We train you to write legal articles and publish them, so that your CV becomes stellar. We have MoU with top legal blog iPleaders for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve a seat and get admission?

It's simple. First you speak with our counselor. If you are found eligible, a faculty member will take your interview. If you are ambitious and hard working, you are welcome to our university. We will have a telephonic interview with you. If you qualify, pay for your admission. If you have good marks in boards, you can get instant admission too. Contact us for more information.

What kind of results can I expect if I study here?

Our university is one of the most upcoming universities in India. We have unparalleled facilities. Our law institute is designed to become one of the greatest and benefits from the guidance of topmost legal academicians, lawyers and judges. You will receive the best guidance and training. If you follow the curriculum and study well, the sky is the limit. Your success is our responsibility.

Where is the campus? Can I visit it before admission?

The campus is located right outside Indore at Dewas Bypass Rd, Kailod Kartal. You can see an online tour of the campus here. You can also visit by requesting us for a physical tour, meet our faculties and experience our beautiful campus with every modern facility for yourself. If you visit this place, you will want to spend the prime years of your youth in our campus.

What other facilities do you provide?

We have the best labs in the city, fantastic moot court halls, a well stocked library for law students, the best faculty members in Indore and support from visiting faculty all over the world, an active recruitment and internship support centre and everything you may need to excel as a lawyer and to crack judicial exams.

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