B.Plan.(Bachelor in Planning)

16 July

The Bachelor of Planning course at IOA is one of the few courses in our country, imparting planning education at the undergraduate level. After the implementation of the 74th Constitution Amendment Act 1992, which has empowered urban local bodies significantly to undertake developmental works, the...

D.Arch.(Diploma in Architecture)

16 July

Architecture is defined as the study of the aesthetic arrangement of space and designing of construction projects. It deals with design, arrangement, and structurization of construction and aims at providing a specific and suitable composition for each type of construction. Engineering, on the other hand, is...


01 June

Architect is a profession who visualizes the structure of the building or any other project before it is actually developed.  He has a keen sense of precision and clarity of all the minute details required in the making of the structure. They are the real...