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Dr. Tushar K. Nath

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Welcome to SAGE University, Indore !

I am delighted to inform our students, parents and all the stakeholders in the country that SAGE University has been created under the State Act of Madhya Pradesh, India, with a mission to heralding new dimension in higher education in the beautiful State of MP and more so in the most cleanest city in the country, Indore. The University is uniquely and strategically located in the picturesque landscape over a hill top, just on the National Highway-a panoramic view of campus; providing the perfect ambience for academic pursuits. The grand new initiative of SAGE University management, in its stride to provide best educational experience to the students, teaching and research community in the country, is aimed to make the SAGE University as most sought after institution of higher learning for the students who aim higher in life with strong conviction and commitment towards our society in a SAGIAN way.

This is the initiative of the visionary leader and Hon’ble Chancellor, Er. Sanjeev Agrawal who had taken painstaking initiatives to build a top education brand, “Sagar Group of Institutions” in Bhopal, a much sought after institutions in the State, in furtherance of meeting the future challenges of a sustained development in knowledge based economy and inculcating the values of quality education in the country. The SAGE is committed to epitomize a holistic approach to the cause of academic prosperity, encompassing the best models of contemporary, modern and relevant education blended with traditional ethos and values in order to produce best young minds of 21st century India.

The SAGE University is the conceptualization of the vision of a world-class university and yet well affordable, reflecting a best enabling, flexible and innovative learning environment, embodying the concept of outcome based, purposeful education-a journey of endless opportunities towards complete and fulfilling education.The students going through the academic rigor, exposure and opportunities provided by SAGE, will be the future ready graduates, well equipped to handle intricacies of work environment and face the future challenges in their professional pursuits. 

The SAGE University provides highly conducive environment and offers counseling and mentoring supports by senior faculty members. The University provides open and easy access to the students to interact with the higher authorities to address any of their academic and non-academic issues and concerns, providing the much sought after comfort level for the students to enjoy their study and face new challenges.

I invite all the prospective students at UG and PG level to explore SAGE University which has lots to offer, enabling them to make a bright career ahead. SAGE prepares the prospective students with limitless opportunities through specially designed programs with latest pedagogical supports; completion of which successfully will enhance job opportunities in private, public sector and the Government.

My best wishes to all who have enrolled with us to realize your dreams and be a proud SAGIAN.