Undergraduate Degree in Humanities

The Humanities General Education Program provides for the study of fine arts, literature, humanities, drama, Psychology, History, Political Science , philosophy and foreign language which allows students the opportunity to learn specific methods for critically evaluating human values and conduct within historical and cultural contexts.


Students should engage with texts and works of art by learning and practicing methods of close reading, careful analysis and critical thinking. Students also should learn to locate works of the humanities in relation to social and historical contexts of their authors and audiences. Students should acquire basic knowledge of an important part of the history of culture in the Indian traditions, or they should acquire similar knowledge for a non-Indian culture. Students should practice critical thinking, problem solving, and expository writing in the humanities. Students should be prepared to be more knowledgeable and effective citizens by acquiring better skills in close reading, careful analysis, critical thinking, problem solving and expository writing, and by better awareness of cultural diversity and cultural change.


The field includes the study of various fields such as Memory, Learning, Environment & Behaviour, Practicals including Observation & Suggestion, Habit Interference and so on.

A career is an individual’s journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. There are a number of ways to define a career and the term is used in a variety of ways.

The career opportunities for the individuals wanting to be a part of this field are immense. Employment opportunities in various government and private institutions are available along with the opportunities in several developmental projects by the government

Entry Requirement

The student should have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate marks or equivalent grade in 10+2 in any stream to be eligible for this program.

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