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In case, Student intends to apply for SAGE Scholarship based on qualifying class result, they will have to fill in separate form at the time of admission. SAGE Scholarship offered at the time of admission shall be applicable for the entire course but subject to renewal as per SAGE University norms. However, Examination Fees, Enrollment Fees, Bus Fees and Hostel Fees has to be paid regularly every year.

Scholarship Scheme:

SAGE Scholarship shall be based on result of qualifying class for UG/Diploma

Category UG/Diploma Eligibility Criteria Scholarship
A >=95% 100% Scholarship on Tuition Fess
B 90% – 95% 50% Scholarship on Tuition Fess
C 80% – 90% 25% Scholarship on Tuition Fess
D 70% – 80% 15% Scholarship on Tuition Fess
E 60% – 70% 10% Scholarship on Tuition Fess

Sport/Cultural Performance

1.International Level

2.National Level

3.State Level

1. 20% Scholarship on Tuition Fess

2. 10%Scholarship on Tuition Fess

3. 5%Scholarship on Tuition Fess


1. Academic, Sports & Cultural Scholarship is not for All PG courses.

2. Scholarship is on few seats and for limited.

3. Early bird Scheme 10% is applicable only in first Year for UG/PG/Diploma course. Student can avail only one scholarship at a time.


The continuation of all scholarships is dependent on consistently high academic performance. The students are expected to meet pre-defined academic standards for continuation of scholarship.

The scholarship can be renewed based on the performance in the university examination, attendance, and character and conduct certified by the Dean

The renewal of sports scholarship depends on the performance in sports after admission in university