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Institute of Performing Arts

Dedicated to nurturing talent and creativity in the performing arts domain. Offering a diverse range of programs, including undergraduate and diploma degrees in various specializations, IPA stands as a beacon of excellence in performing arts education. Renowned for its commitment to holistic development and high-quality instruction, IPA has emerged as a premier institution in the heart of central India's cultural landscape

Situated within the sprawling 100-acre campus of SAGE University, IPA benefits from state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant academic environment. Its strategic location on the outskirts of Indore, near the industrial hub of Pithampur, provides students with unique opportunities to engage with the rich cultural heritage and dynamic economic landscape of the region.

In addition to its academic prowess, Institute of Performing Arts boasts extensive industry connections, collaborating closely with corporate partners and Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Through strategic alliances with national and international universities, IPA offers students unmatched global exposure and access to cutting-edge knowledge in the field of performing arts. This network ensures that graduates emerge as proficient artists and visionary leaders equipped to thrive in the 21st-century creative economy.

Vision of the Institute

To empower students and society at large by inculcating skills of Performing arts and Visual Arts.

Mission of the Institute

M1 : To design and deliver performing arts and visual arts academic programs with the evolving needs of the industry.

M2 : Fostering application-oriented learning experiences.

M3 : To leverage state-of-the-art information technology, infrastructure, and teaching methodologies to provide an innovative and immersive education in performing arts and Visual Arts.

M4 : To cultivate an ethical and skills-driven framework for artistic expression within the performing arts and Visual arts community.

M5 : To empower students through experiential learning, holistic personality development, and a rich array of extracurricular activities, nurturing their creative potential and preparing them for success in diverse artistic pursuits.

Program Education Objective(P.E.O.)

1. To cultivate a deep conceptual understanding and critical analysis skills for interpreting diverse artistic environments, both locally and globally.

2. To foster innovation, creativity, and adaptive problem-solving abilities essential for addressing complex challenges within the realm of performing arts management..

3. To develop the capacity to effectively lead and collaborate within artistic teams, guiding them towards the achievement of artistic and organizational objectives

4. To in-still a commitment to lifelong learning, research, entrepreneurship, and effective communication practices essential for sustained growth and success in the performing arts field.

5. To proficiently utilize digital technologies and managerial tools to enhance artistic expression, production, and decision-making processes within the performing arts domain.

Program Objective (P.O.)

1. To cultivate effective communication skills and develop confident, charismatic personalities among students, enabling them to excel in various artistic roles and engagements.

2. To apply theoretical knowledge and research findings in the performing arts field to address creative challenges, innovate artistic practices, and achieve artistic objectives.

3. To analyze the artistic environment, develop strategies, and establish policies and procedures conducive to the realization of artistic goals and objectives within diverse artistic contexts.

4. To promote sustainability, environmental consciousness, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and contribute to social development through artistic expression, community engagement, and ethical practices.

5. To comprehend the intricacies of artistic practices, navigate the global artistic landscape, and engage with local realities, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the diverse cultural and artistic contexts.

6. To demonstrate professional employability skills and entrepreneurial acumen within the performing arts industry, empowering students to pursue diverse career paths and contribute to the enrichment of the artistic community.

Salient Features

A distinctive initiative aimed at honing students' performing and visual art skills, artistic and technical abilities, preparing them for diverse roles within the performing and visual arts industry.

    1. Global Artistic Practices: Exposure to international and national partnerships.

    2. Industry-Relevant Artistic Education: Integration of Film Making, Music and Dance industry-required skills through immersive activities such as; Artistic immersion programs, internships, project-based learning, and the establishment of Centers of Excellence

    3. Offering cutting-edge BPA, BVA and Diploma programs tailored to industry needs, including areas.

    4. A plethora of co-curricular and extracurricular events enriching campus life, fostering joy, memorable experiences, and enthusiasm among students.

    5. Providing assured placement opportunities for all students in their desired artistic fields.

    6. Exceptional Infrastructure:

      a. Well-equipped music studio, dance studio, Live action lab, editing lab and research support systems, and audiovisual materials catering to the academic needs of students and faculty.

      b. Grand and sophisticated infrastructure providing a conducive environment for quality-based artistic learning and expression.

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