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Institute of Design (IOD), SAGE University Indore has greatly enabled the students to study the fundaments as well as the depths of designing process and create masterpieces in the world of design. IOD has created an innovative, creative, expressive and open environment of the young and creative minds so that they can represent and add to the poised and influential process of designing. At IOD, we provide upgraded and sophisticated facilities so that the students and future designers of the Nation can be updated and upgraded in the designing field.


Aspire to excel in design education by preparing innovative, environmentally and socially responsible citizens.


Our Mission is to inculcate human values in learners articulated as below:

MS1 - To provide students with a professional course of study that strives to meet the highest academic standards for design education.
MS2 - To ensure students make connections within and across disciplines by offering them a creative arena in which they develop necessary skills..
MS3 - To encourage students to consider design in the widest possible context while fostering a realistic understanding of their responsibility, role and potential, as professionals who will improve their community, the nation and finally the current and future condition of the world.
MS4 - To bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing a range of opportunities to interact with professionals in design and allied fields.
MS5 - To prepare well-rounded global citizens by cultivating and fostering service-learning and engagement in co-curricular activities that promote diversity, tolerance and real-world experience.


PEO-1 To impart excellent design education for professional roles in a changing and challenging technological world.

PEO-2 To advance knowledge through quality research in important emerging areas in the discipline and to build a strong relationship with industry, academia and society

PEO-3 To produce global professionals with a sense of responsibility towards nature and society

PEO-4 To harness the potential in each student has in terms of creative expression and multi – dimensional learning

Salient Features of Institute of Design

Interdisciplinary Approach: Institutes emphasize an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating elements from various fields such as art, engineering, psychology, and business to provide a comprehensive understanding of design principles.

Hands-on Learning: Practical, hands-on learning experiences are cornerstone of design education. This includes studio classes, workshops, internships, and real-world projects that allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Our institute offer curricula that are aligned with industry standards and trends. Courses covers topics such as graphic design, industrial design, user experience (UX) design, fashion design, interior design, and more.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: To support learning and creativity, our institute provide state-of-the-art facilities including design studios, computer labs with relevant software, fabrication labs, and exhibition spaces.

Expert Faculty: Our institute employ faculty members who are experts in their respective fields, bringing real-world experience and industry connections to the classroom. This ensures students receive high-quality instruction and mentorship.

Focus on Creativity and Innovation: Design education places a strong emphasis on fostering creativity and innovation. Students are encouraged to think critically, explore new ideas, and push the boundaries of conventional design practices.

Global Perspective: With the increasing interconnectedness of the world, our institute emphasize a global perspective, exposing students to diverse cultural influences, design traditions, and global challenges.

Portfolio Development: Building a strong portfolio is essential for aspiring designers to showcase their skills and creativity to potential employers or clients. Our institute provide guidance and support to help students develop impressive portfolios throughout their academic journey.

Networking Opportunities: Our institutes frequently organize events, guest lectures, and networking opportunities with industry professionals, alumni, and other stakeholders. These interactions can be invaluable for students in terms of gaining insights, making connections, and exploring career opportunities.

Emphasis on Ethical and Sustainable Design: With growing awareness of environmental and social issues, our institute incorporate principles of ethical and sustainable design into the curriculum. This includes considerations such as environmental impact, social responsibility, and inclusivity in design practice.


CODE EDU SERVICES: CODE is a dynamic forum for exchanging ideas, methods and professional experience. Our team combines curiosity, experimentation and enthusiasm in the pursuit of learning. CODE is the bridge linking aspirants with design passion to mentors with teaching passion.

At CODE, we believe that finding a design solution, creating a work of art and facilitating the production of a creative team are intellectual processes of undeniable value.

CODE is the bridge linking aspirants with design passion to mentors with teaching passion. We educate, motivate, and encourage them through a hands-on learning approach and discussions. Students get industrial insights and access to design experts through internships and placements encouraging them to develop into professionals capable of contributing to the society at large. The practical exposure and experience will help students to get suitable internships and placements in their field.

Design education goes beyond the confines of traditional syllabus-based learning. It cannot be confined to mere books and notes.

Creativity and its application in the right direction take precedence in this matter. Design educators, beyond being mere instructors or professors, assume the roles of trendsetters and ideators, driven by a mission to shape a brighter future. For More Infor About CODE visit: Click to view the details

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