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SAGE Institutes of Sciences

The purpose of Institute of Sciences is to strive for excellence in academic fields in order to match global standards in different fields of science. This can be achieved by training the students in important disciplines of basic and fundamental sciences and to undertake research in various subjects like biotechnology, microbiology, botany, zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Forensic Science, Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Mathematics. We ensure that every student of Institute becomes an achiever. We provide our students a dynamic environment where today’s students meet tomorrow’s opportunities.


Understandably, your degree subject will matter a little bit more for careers in this sector compared to some other sectors, where a wider base of knowledge and skills can be transferable to their careers. Sciences demand highly specialized knowledge and understanding from the off which can’t just be picked up on the job, so a relevant science degree discipline will be essential in many cases. An arts graduate, for example, will generally not have the right qualifications and knowledge necessary for graduate entry roles in areas of hard core scientific research. Arts and social sciences may however fit into areas such as marketing, sales or legal teams for pharmaceutical, medical and engineering companies, research institutes or charities for scientific research. Your degree needs to some strong relation to the area of science you wish to work in.

Institute of Sciences nurtures excellence in area of biotechnology, microbiology, forensic science botany, zoology, Chemistry, Physics Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Mathematics with a focus on carrying out multidisciplinary research. The major goal of institute is to provide foundation to intellectual and creative minds of youth. Institute has a state of the art laboratories with well-equipped basic and sophisticated instruments required at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Institute is enriched with distinguished academicians with high level of competence in both academics and research in the fields like biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, zoology, botany, immunology, computer science, human physiology, nanotechnology, communication skills etc. Institute is having well-established and dedicated plant tissue culture lab for research and commercial activity. Faculty members of Institute are Ph.D with an experience of over 10 years and are expertise in their field. The institute believes to impart education of fundamentals so that students can well apply the knowledge and attempt to solve applied problems in real life situation. The teaching methodologies are synced with present emerging trends. Grooming of students is done for an industrial and research oriented career. Instituteundertake extensive interaction with industries through projects and trainings. The institute fosters dynamic learning environment and offers exposure to interact with eminent researchers, entrepreneurs, through expert lecture and invited talks. Institute stress upon modern methods of teaching applying latest tools. Classes are made lively and interactive. The curriculum is upgraded in consultation with professionals and academicians keeping in mind the present day requirements. The curriculum stresses on developing analytical & communication skills, team work abilities and ethics. Institute of sciences aims to establish as with its signs of achievements and efforts grown up rapidly are being noticed at national and International levels in terms of academics, research and student placements.



Train and groom students to excel in the field of science.



-:-  –Achieving heights through veracity in teaching

-:-  –Promote multidisciplinary research research for Sustainable development

-:-  –Proving demand driven educational programs for enhancing skills and employability

-:-  –Evolving educational processes for holistic personality development

-:-  –Adapting environment friendly and energy efficient best practices for sustainable.


The Institute Strives to realize its vision and mission by:

-:-  Achieving excellence for world class competencies in teaching, research and extension.

-:-  Promoting multidisciplinary research and scholarship through international collaboration.

-:-  Providing demand driven educational programmers for enhancing skills and employability.

-:-  Evolving educational processes to ensure balance between head, heart and hand for holistic personality development.

-:-  Adopting environmental friendly and energy efficient best practices for sustainable.


-:-  PEO1– Under graduates and Post graduates will be skilled in the fundamental concepts of various disciplines of sciences necessary for success in industry practices as well as advanced study.

-:-  PEO2– students will be prepared to pursue career choices in science or related interdisciplinary fields that will benefit from a strong background in sciences. An ability to use appropriate techniques, skills, and tools necessary for scientific research.

-:-  PEO3– To function effectively on team to accomplish sharing scientific design, evolution for implementation goals and understanding of professional ethics, legal,  security and social issue and responsibility for scientific profession.

-:-  PEO4– To communicate and engage effectively with diverse stakeholders.

-:-  PEO5– To analyze impact of science and its application on individuals, organization and society.


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