Admission Procedure

Admissions to Ph.D. programs at SAGE University Indore campus are conducted twice a year. A Ph.D. program is offered as Full time program. Hence, coursework, participation in various interactions, submission of progress reports through presentations etc. on regular basis is mandatory during the program.

A Full-time Ph.D. scholar shall mean a candidate devoting full time for completing the requirements of the program Ph.D. full time is for minimum 3 years and Maximum duration is 6 years.

SAGE University Indore encourages research and exchange of ideas and knowledge in various related fields. Consequently, scholars may appoint a Co-Guide from outside SAGE University Indore, as per university rules. The main Guide for the scholar during the Ph.D. program will be from SAGE University Indore, appointed as per the research topic and Guide availability.

SAGE University Indore provides full time Ph.D. program under –

1. Faculty of Engineering & Technology

  • A. Computer Science & Engineering
  • B. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • C. Information Technology
  • D. Mechanical Engineering
  • E. Civil Engineering

2. Faculty of Computer Application

3. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

4. Faculty of Law and Legal Studies

5. Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communication

6. Faculty of Agriculture Sciences

7. Faculty of Management

8. Faculty of Commerce

9. Faculty of Science

  • A. Physics
  • B. Chemistry
  • C. Mathematics
  • D. Zoology
  • E. Botany
  • F. Biotechnology
  • G. Microbiology

10. Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

  • A. Hindi
  • B. English
  • C. History
  • D. Psychology

Prof. Rajesh Ku. Nagar
Coordinator & Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Cell
Sage University, Indore

Profile img Name/Roll No. Branch Supervisor Registration Date Viva Date Action
award-img Manish Patidar
( 17SCI7MIB0001 )
Microbiology Dr. Sandeep Kumar
9th December 2017 10th February 2022 View More
award-img Arpita Siddharth
( 17SCI7BIT0001 )
Biotechnology Dr. Deepak Ku. Sinha 7th December 2017 9th October 2021 View More
award-img Kishan Widhani
( 18ENG7CIV0003 )
Civil Engineering Dr. Basant Kumar 4th February 2019 13th April 2022 View More
award-img Seema Tiwari
( 17MGT7MGT0004 )
Management Dr. Sanjeev Singhal 11th December 2017 13th October 2021 View More
award-img Chaitanya Dev Singh
( 17MGT7MGT0002 )
Management Dr. Sanjeev Singhal 15th December 2017 20th October 2021 View More
award-img Sonica Shah
( 18MGT7MGT0006 )
Management Dr. Ankita Neema 2nd February 2019 14th July 2022 View More
award-img Ritu Tandon
( 18ENG7CSE0013 )
Computer Science &
Dr. Shweta Agrawal 26th February 2019 22nd June 2022 View More
award-img Neha Bharani
( 18CAP7CAP0005 )
Computer Application Dr. Abhay Kothari 7th February 2019 7th July 2022 View More
award-img Narendra Pal Singh
( 18ENG7CSE0010 )
Computer Science &
Dr. Lalji Prasad 9th February 2019 26th July 2022 View More
award-img Sanjay Pandit
( 17MGT7MGT0006 )
Management Dr. Pratik Jain 9th December 2017 24th August 2022 View More
award-img Jaya Raut
( 18ENG7ECE0002 )
Electronics &
Dr. Akhilesh
8th February 2019 25th August 2022 View More
award-img Deepika Saravagi
( 18CAP7CAP0001 )
Computer Application Dr. Shweta Agrawal 8th February 2019 26th August 2022 View More