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Name - Seema Tiwari (17MGT7MGT0004)

Branch - Management

Faculty - Faculty of Management

Date of Registration - 11th December 2017

Supervisor - Dr. Sanjeev Singhal.

Date of Ph.D. Viva - 13th October 2021


1. Research paper published in International Journal of Alochana Chakra Journal, (Print ISSN: 2349-5138, Online ISSN: 2348- 1269, UGC – CARE- GROUP-1, Impact Factor: 6.3) with entitled “A Study on Exploring the service Quality Factors of Public University in Indore” in Volume IX, Issue- VI, June 2020. Virtual International Conference (VIC-PGTPPC -2020).Page no: 115-125

2. Research paper published in International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR), Print ISSN: 2349-5138, Online ISSN: 2348-1269, UGC Approved Journal No. 43602 DOI: IJRAR19K4445, Impact Factor: 5.75) with entitled “Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders: Improving Quality in Public and Private Universities” in Volume VI, Issue-2, June 2019. Page no: 276- 282

3. Research paper published in International Journal of current science (Online ISSN:9726-001X-1131, UGC Approved Journal No.64664. Impact Factor (IBI): 5.97) entitled “SWOT Analysis Framework on Private universities with Key Issues and challenges in Indian Higher Education System” in volume 19, issue-9, September 2018. Page no. 1-8.

4. Research paper published in International Journal of Management Studies (Print ISSN: 2249-0302, Online ISSN: 2231-2528,UGC Approved Journal No.44925 DOI: 10.18843 Impact Factor (IBI): 2.26) with entitled “Current Scenario of Public Universities Vs Private Universities in India: A Brief Discussion” in volume v, issue- 3, July 2018. Page no. 84-93

5. Research paper published in “An international, Registered & Referred Monthly Journal” (Research Link- 132A (2), ISSN- 0973-1628, RNI-2002-7041, Impact Factor- 1.8007) With entitled “Impact of Higher Education in Indian Economy: A Brief Discussion” in Vol- XIV (1), March- 2015 (special Issue) Page no: 128-129

PhD. Thesis in Economics and Business Management under Faculty of Management of Seema Tiwari (17MGT7MGT0004) on title "A Comparative Study of Private and Public Universities in MP" uploaded on Shodhganga. 

Click on the link for the uploaded Ph.D. Thesis - http://hdl.handle.net/10603/385467