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SAGE Institutes of Law and Legal Studies

Institute of Law has an unmatched array of courses and academic offerings. Students have an opportunity to pursue a broad curriculum using rich educational resources in a dynamic and creative learning environment of Legal Education. The curriculum is constantly revised according to the changing legal and other environmental developments. All our initiatives are a living proof of our commitment to every student’s success in their career.

The institute prepares the inquisitive minds and sharpens their visions in multifarious methods of a robustly designed pedagogy on Legal Education which is a perfect blend of Law  and Social Science.


SAGE Institute of Law and Legal Studies Approved by Bar Council of India (B.C.I.) New Delhi, Sage Institute of Law & Legal studies prepares students to understand and work with legal systems by developing their abilities to write and speak persuasively, anticipate consequences, and use creative and analytical problem solving skills. Upon graduation, most law school graduates practice law, but a legal education is very flexible, providing excellent training for any number of professions. This  is what our institute trying to achieve its best by inculcating the practical exposure to students , by offering regular trainings and  internships.


To be an institution of excellence  to add newer dimensions in legal education that would incorporate international standards and provide an environment for innovation and a dynamic pursuit of thought.  Embodying the principles of Legal, education, excellence, and professionalism, it imparts quality legal education and has produced new generation lawyers, leaders, and policymakers over the years.


  • -::- Institute of Law & legal studies emphasizes the holistic development of its students. It aims at producing not only good professionals but also good and worthy citizens of a great country, aiding in its overall progress and development.

  • -::- It endeavours to treat every student as an individual, to recognize their potential and to ensure that they receive the best preparation and training for achieving their career ambitions and life goals.

Program Education Outcomes

The objectives for the course are designed, considering that BBA.LLB (Hons.), B.A.L.LB (Hons.) & L.LB (Hons.) Graduates will be able:

PEO1 -::- To acquire & apply legal knowledge to the complex Socio-legal problems.

PEO2 -::- To make students eligible to practice in Courts, Industries, Companies as legal practitioner.

PEO3 -::- To possess professional skills required for legal practice such as Argument, Pleading, drafting, conveyancing etc.

PEO4 -::- To understand and apply principles of professional ethics of legal profession.

PEO5 -::- To develop legal research skills & legal reasoning and apply it during programme & in Legal practice.

PEO6 -::- To provide a platform of self-employability by developing professional skills in legal industry.

PEO7 -::- To make awareness about Constitutional legislative & societal transformation in society & to develop clinical abilities.

PEO8 -::- Every graduate will become skilled in legal research, written and oral communication, teamwork, advocacy, and problem-solving.

Salient Features of Institute of Law and Legal Studies

Innovation in Curriculum

  • -::- Establishment of Legal Incubation Centre

  • -::- Exclusive skill Labs for life-skills acquisition

  • -::- Enhancement of practical and experiential learning through specially designed clinical courses in legal education

  • -::- Customized courses on professional training based on the career choice of students

  • -::- Foreign language courses of international importance

  • -::- Expert training in research methodology and publication

Instructional Pedagogy

  • -::- MOOT COURT

  • -::- Clinical pedagogy with a practical approach

  • -::- Emphasis on academic orientation along with systematic internship training programmes with credit in each semester

  • -::- Interaction with renowned lawyers, judges, law teachers and scholars Student Mentorship Services

  • -::- Legal Aid Clinic for societal outreach and clinical Training

  • -::- Innumerable opportunities to participate in National , International events like seminars, moot courts etc.

  • -::- Outcome-Based Education

  • -::- Strong academic delivery system and streamlined assessment mechanisms

  • -::- Legal research centres to inculcate interdisciplinary research aptitude


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