SAGE Institutes of Biological Science

Biotechnology is a sociotechnical system which comprises of both technical and social things. It refers that the outcomes of science and technology are always coproduced by social and technical circumstance. For example, we cannot understand stem cells, Cancer cells, embryos or climate change or even quantum mechanics without paying attention to both technical and social circumstances at the same time.


SAGE Institute of Biological science offers excellence assistance in term of education as well as on the career forefront  being the Top private university in central India. Today, developing the methods of sustainable living along with making sure that the existing resources doesn’t get wiped out completely can be quite challenging and in this scenario. We need to generate new avenues, different than what others are already following in this field. Biotechnological advancement in any field may be adopted to facilitate our research and for obtaining set goals precisely at faster pace with increased efficiency. SAGE University being the Best University for Biological sciences, has marked its presence as evident and multi-disciplinary teaching methods which makes the SAGE, the Most promising university of  Madhya  Pradesh  in  the recent Times.   



To provide a platform for education, training and research at the interface of multiple disciplines where they learn Biological Science while integrating engineering, medicine and science, to provide solutions for human and animal health, agriculture and environmental technologies.



  • To impart knowledge with skill based education by keeping pace with Industry commitment, Academia and Research Organization.

  • To prepare proficient Bio technologist and Microbiologist with the spirit of Entrepreneurship.

  • To inculcate ethical values and spirit of social welfare


-::- Teach, train and qualify students in many disciplines of Biological Science in reference to skill, Competency development in Industrial and Research Sectors.

-::- Will contribute to the field of biotechnology and industries designing, developing and providing solutions.

-::- Develop, implement and evaluate the curriculum of biotechnology program with a strong commitment to be aligned and comply with the national and international standards of the quality assurance.

-::- Work as entrepreneurs and technomanagers with strong ethics and communication skills.

-::- Pursue higher education and research and to apply the general principles and standards of technology transfer and ensure adequate training of our personnel in modern biotechnology.