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Name - Poonam Gupta (18SCI7CHE0001)

Branch - Chemistry

Faculty - Faculty of Science

Date of Registration - 9th March 2019

Supervisor - Dr. Ranu Bhnadari Subadra.

Date of Ph.D. Viva - 23rd November 2022

Title - Study of Natural Indicator in Quantitative Analysis with Special Reference to Acidimetry and Alkalimetry

1. Research paper on “Green Chemistry: Stem Sap of Celosia Argentea L as a Substitute for Hazardous Internal Chemical Indicators in Volumetric Analysis”. Published at Juni Khyat journal, December, (2020).

2. Research paper on “Use of Herbal indicator from Bixa orellana seed in Volumetric Analysis”. Published at Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, April, (2022).