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Name - Rahul Jain (18MGT7MGT0005)

Branch - Management

Faculty - Faculty of Management

Date of Registration - 27th March 2019

Supervisor - Dr. Mayank Saxena, Professor.

Date of Ph.D. Viva - 10th October 2023

Title - Impact of Merger and Acquisition on the Financial Performance of Indian Public Sector Banks - A Select Study


[1]. Rahul Jain, Dr. Mayank Saxena, “Continuity and Change in Modern India: A Study of Recruitment Process of Pharmaceutical Industries And Impact Of Social Media On IT” Dogo Rangsang Research Journal (UGC Care Group I Journal), ISSN: 2347-7180, Vol-12 Issue-03 No. 04 March 2022.

[2]. Rahul Jain, Dr. Mayank Saxena, “Study of Recruitment And Selection In Pharmaceutical Sector Companies and Impact of Social Media on IT” Vidyabharati International Interdisciplinary Research Journal (Special Issue) (UGC Care Journal), 2023, ISSN 2319-4979, Special Issue on Emerging Techniques in Interdisciplinary Sciences (Oct. 2021).