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Name - Sevakram Mandloi (19SCI7ZLG0002)

Branch - Zoology

Faculty - Faculty of Science

Date of Registration - 4th November 2019

Supervisor - Dr. Sandeep Kumar Verma, Professor .

Date of Ph.D. Viva - 19th July 2023

Title - Limnological Investigation of Freshwater Holder Yashwant Sagar Lake of Madhya Pradesh

[1]. M. Sevakram, S.K. Verma, “Characterization of water residues collected from Yashwant Sagar Dam using SEM-EDX and FTIR techniques,” Mukt Shabd Journal, 2023, ISSN NO: 2347-3150, Vol XII, II, Feb, 345-355.
[2]. M. Sevakram, “Analysis of physico-chemical parameters of freshwater holder Yashwant Sagar Dam,” Mukt Shabd Journal, 2023, ISSN NO: 2347-3150, VolXII, II, Feb, 456-460.
[3]. M. Sevakram, P. Manish, “Physico-Chemical Investigational Review on Limnology of Fresh Water Holder Yashwant Sagar Talab Madhya Pradesh (A Review Paper). The SAGE Journal of Innovative Research in Computing. Volume 1, Issue 1.