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Name - Naina Bhawsar (19LAW7LAW0002)

Branch - Law

Faculty - Faculty of Law & Legal Studies

Date of Registration - 31st October 2019

Supervisor - Dr. Sunita Shrivastava, Professor.

Date of Ph.D. Viva - 10th April 2023

Title - Human Rights and Domestic Violence: Evaluating the Repercussion for Males v/s Females in India

1. Naina Bhawsar, Dr. Sunita shrivastav “Human Rights And Domestic Violence on Male in India” published in Kanpur Philosophers, Vol.-IX Issue II (II) : 2022, ISSN: 2348-8301, UGC Care List Group I.
2. Naina Bhawsar, Dr. Sunita shrivastav “Silence of Male Victims on Domestic Violence in India” published in Navsamvat Navvichar Vidhi Shodh Patrika, Vol. 4 Issue No.04, Revised part-2 : 2019, ISSN: 2393-9230. UGC Care Approved.
3. Naina Bhawsar, Dr. Sunita shrivastav “Boost in Domestic Violence during COVID-19 Pandemic” published in Dogo Rangsang Research Journal, Vol. 12, Issue 11, No. 03, November: 2022, ISSN: 2347-7180. UGC Care Approved.