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Future Is Rooted In The Knowledge Tree

The teachers are the roots that strengthen the tree of knowledge and help bear the fruits of success later. The two essential ingredients, therefore, for a successful institution are experience and the drive. The lecturers have the dedication and drive to teach and this skill becomes better when their experience is added to it. SU has a healthy blend of experienced senior faculty who design the course curriculum for best results and the freshness and enthusiasm of the young members of the faculty who are eager to add their dimension and contribute positively. In addition to the regular curriculum, students benefit from the industry institution interactions that help them have a first-hand experience of the work atmosphere in real life situations. Students also benefit from the summertime projects that they attend during vacations. Prominent speakers who comprise eminent educationists, academicians and industrialists visit and deliver guest lectures on their subject of specialization in the seminar hall specifically designed for the purpose.