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Bank Loan

A number of study loans provided by banks in India are available for students to finance their higher education. You can contact any bank of your choice to find out if they provide education loans. Below there is list of bank loans options that are most popular among our students.

  • PNB Study Loan
  • Corporation Bank of India Study Loan

How to apply

You are required to fill up the application form and provide supporting documents directly to your nearest branch of your residence. University will provide you all necessary supporting documents require by bank

Other Options

A number of study loans are available for Indian students pursuing tertiary education. These study loan has been made available by promoting society for only those students who are meritorious and financially backward. Only those students may apply for these society loans who have been failed to get bank loan because of some reasons.

Education and study loans available for students registered for any programmes are:

  • Smt. Kailash Aggrawal Study Loan
  • Turba Education Society Study Loan

Student will require to apply for loan on specific application form for loan.  Loan will in tune  to meet the partial semester fee only which individual will be require to repay after six months of passing from university. A legal agreement will be require to sign by parents and individual also for same .