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Selecting the right university for you is an important decision – it’s a potential life changer!

SU open days are mainly conducted for students who are considering which university to enter after completing higher secondary or graduations. However we’re happy to welcome anyone along. You will have a unique opportunity to see our campus’s outstanding facilities, talk to our counsellors and lecturers, attend our career talks or visit our Research and Development showcase. If you are interested in our courses or just want to enquire on the University, you are very much welcome to visit our Open Days!


Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are available. Click here to view our Merit Scholarship offers.

Extended Counselling Hours

SU Student Services staff are happy to consult you on courses and programmes offered every weekday from 9am to 7pm.

You can either arrange an appointment with us by calling us at or come anytime and meet our staff here. You will be able to see the University’s facilities, talk to our counsellors as well as talk to the current students and experience the environment of the University’s busy day.

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