Why Study In Indore, India?

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Indore is Central India’s biggest city and commercial powerhouse has much more of a cosmopolitan buzz than anywhere else in this region .This is the reason Indore is recognized as second commercial capital of the country after Mumbai. Apart from some splendid buildings created by the Holkar dynasty, there is good number modern commercial building and hubs .Its bustling bazaars, good eating scene and a better-than-average crop of hotels, Indore is a place you may well grow to like if you spend your student life.

There's something for everyone

Indore has long been the choice of study destination for students from India. In addition to the beautiful country of India, its diverse population and stable conditions, the vast course variety we offer – from IT and technology to biotechnology and media – gives lifelong learning opportunities for all our students.

High academic standards and international recognition

Education is an investment, so you want to make sure you get a good qualification and a high standard of learning. Over the years, we have adapted to modern teaching methods and facilities without discarding values of traditional learning approaches. You can be assured that you will receive education qualifications that are of international standards and recognition. These qualifications are transferable and recognized by other universities including the UK and Australia. Of course, our ultimate aim is that your qualifications and studies are transferable and valued in the workforce.

You will be improving your English

India offers enormous opportunity to learn and master new languages. Our multicultural diversity and population consists of speakers of English, Hindi,  and a host of others. You’ll meet and study with students from across the region, giving you the opportunity to speak and practice new languages. The majority of the students speak English and Hindi, and our classes are all conducted in English. You can also take additional English classes before you begin your degree study.

An affordable option

The total cost of studying and living in India is generally lower than most countries which offer internationally recognized and quality assured study programmes.

Easily accessible

India is easily reached by flights from all over the world. IGI International Airport, Delhi and Indore International Air port , is a homely airport environment with high technologies attractions. It is a busy airport hosting and handling flights that depart and land from all over the world.

Student from Nepal ,Bhutan and Bangladesh may reach by Bus/Rail also.

Experience the cultural diversity

Moderate climate and weather

Indore in the central part of India  has a pleasant  climate with temperatures averaging 29°C throughout the year, and cooler in the highland areas. Geographically,.

City of delicious Cuisine

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