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M.A.(Hons.) Psychology


The M.A. in Psychology is a four-semester, two-year master's degree program. It provides a broad range of specialized knowledge, creativity and critical thinking skills that are important in a variety of fields. Students are trained to comprehend and recognize the emotional, psychological, and behavioural issues as well as the disorders. The MA Psychology programme provides a deeper understanding of the advanced aspects of psychology. Students are qualified for job roles in the following fields: Clinical Psychology; General Psychology; Social Psychology; Health Psychology; Counselling Psychology; and Industrial Psychology. The syllabus and subjects of the MA Psychology course cover topics like Crisis Management, Motivation and the Nature of the Mind, Conflict Resolution, Mental Processes, Feelings, Reactions and much more


    •Students should have passed a bachelor's degree program from a recognized university.

    • Some universities prefer students with a degree in psychology.

    • Qualifying and fulfilling the cutoff of SAGE university entrance exam.

    • A minimum of 45–50% marks in a bachelor's degree is required.


 2 Yrs    4 Sem     60

Career Opportunities :

    • Mental Health Counsellor

    • Psychologist

    • Supervising Counsellor

    • Youth Development Manager

    • Youth Care Specialist

    • Adoption Services Director

    • Alcohol and Drug Counsellor

    • Therapist

    • Career Advisor

    • Community Relations Officer

    • Social Worker