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BBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management With Diorama Eduversity


The sudden rise of Home Delivery Chains and hundreds of online Market places like Amazon, Walmart etc.have created a vast number of career opportunities in Logistics, Warehousing, Cataloguing, Supply and Delivery Chains. These Chains required sourcing, procurement, warehouse management, Supply, Delivery and Centre Managers. This Program prepares students with ‘Ready for Industry’ standards to take up jobs in this ever- increasing domain

Core Focus Areas

Quantitative Methods for Business

Financial Concepts of Business

Management Concepts

Marketing Theory and Practice

People Management

Management Information Systems

Procurement and Sourcing

Strategic Management

Supply Chain and Logistics Innovations

Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Organisational Behaviour

Trade and International Business

Business Law

Human Resource Management in Practice

Accounting and Finance for Business

Marketing Research and Insights

Operations Management


This Study Program is designed to offer the students a fundamental understanding of a company’s Supply Chain Management from a global perspective. It focuses on leveraging the effects of operations and supply chain management on business performance and objectives. A Program designed with an international perspective shall enable the students to work around the world. The Program combines training in core business administration skills with a thorough understanding of strategic business issues across Logistics, Project Management and Supply Chain Life Cycle Management.


    Candidates must have completed their 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board. Students with a background in commerce, economics, or mathematics are preferred.


 3 Yrs    6 Sem     60

Career Opportunities :

    Strategic Sourcing Manager

    Operations Manager

    Excellence Manager

    Global Sourcing Manager

    Business Operations Manager

    Supply Chain Performance Analyst

    Logistics and Transportation Analyst

    Warehouse Operations Manager

    Production Manager

    Customer Service Manager


    Vehicle Fleet Manager

    Inventory Control Manager

    Distribution Center Officer

    Purchasing Manager

    Import & Export Agent

    Academic of Logistics Management

    Freight Coordinator

    Cargo Operations Specialist.