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MBA Business Analytics With iNUrture


The rapid rise of technology has given rise to the generation and collection of massive quantities of information, or Data. As the quantity of data grows; so does the need to gather, analyze, and interpret it in order to make smart business decisions. This gave rise to Business Analytics, a discipline that aims to solve business problems using data analysis, statistical models and other quantitative methods.

To upskill aspirant professionals with this, the MBA Business Analytics programme was developed by SAGE University Indore in collaboration with iNurture Education Solutions. This programme offers students the opportunity to develop skills for the digital economy and advance their careers in analytics.

Why Choose This Programme?

  • • Industry-relevant curriculum structured by academic and industry experts
  • • Application-oriented model of pedagogy implemented by seasoned professionals
  • • iNurture Special Learning Engagements (Workshops, Simulations, Masterclasses, etc.)
  • • Hands-on learning and regular interaction with seasoned practitioners
  • • Career support services with 100% placement assistance*

About iNurture Education Solutions

iNurture Education Solutions has been a pioneer in enabling career-ready formal higher education in India since 2009. We collaborate with Indian and Global Educational Institutions to design and deliver new-age, career-ready UG and PG degree, diploma and certification programmes in both offline and online formats. Our expert-designed state-of-the-art programmes and career-aligned pedagogy have been widely appreciated, resulting in nourishing 600+ industry partnerships across the country. iNurture also leverages its strong industry association by providing guest lectures, internships, curriculum design assistance, industrial visits, live projects and placement assistance.

Program Objectives

  • • Develop graduates with conceptual and practical skills aimed at the intellectual pursuit of knowledge in the field of Business Analytics.
  • • Develop graduates with a thorough understanding of various analytical functions with an emphasis on Business Management.
    • • Prepare graduates with exposure to the application of analytical knowledge in strategic decision-making for an organization.
    • • Enable graduates to make informed and ethical decisions based on a thorough knowledge of management concepts..
  • • Interpret management concepts to solve complex business problems in real-time business environments.
  • • Appraise business information using research methods and business intelligence approaches to derive insights for informed decision-making.
  • • Examine critical thinking ability for efficient business problem-solving in real-time scenarios to overcome challenges.
  • • Demonstrate ability to communicate and work well with global cultural contexts leading to effective business management.
  • • Analyze individual accountability in a multicultural environment to foster global partnership in a digitally connected world.
  • • Practice ethical principles with moral doctrines and cultivate universal human values.
  • • Solve business management problems using appropriate tools and technologies to succeed in a dynamically changing global business environment.
  • • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset to nurture ideas, and encourage individuals through guided pathways for creating a new venture.

Unique Features

  • • Student Development Programs (SDP): Specialized courses are conducted for students' holistic development and skill development.
  • • Support for Differentiated Learners: The program will admit a diverse group of students that differ in terms of their intelligence, efforts, and interests.
  • • Bridge courses as part of the Induction/Orientation Program: Induction/Orientation programs of around 2 weeks are designed to familiarize first-year students with the degree and university activities.
  • • Mentoring Scheme: Every Student will be attached to a Faculty Mentor to aid them in handling their Personal and Academic Issues.
  • • Extra-curricular Activities: Organizing/Participation in extracurricular activities is utilized as a means to help students develop confidence and skills.
  • • Participation in Workshops, Seminars and Writing/Presenting Papers: In order to develop a mindset for researching across topics students are encouraged to participate in Workshops, Seminars and Writing/Presenting Papers.
  • • Library Visit and Utilization of E-Learning Resources: For enhancing the knowledge and engagement of students, they have regular scheduled visits to the Library and E-Learning Resources.
  • • Industry-Focused Programs: The Curriculum and Syllabus content is validated and approved by Industry professionals.
  • • Case-Based Teaching and Learning: The Case-Based approach helps develop students’ skills at delineating the critical decision dilemmas faced while working for organizations.
  • • Synchronous and Asynchronous teaching and learning: While most of the learning will be Synchronous, there will be flipped classrooms, experiential learning and projects as part of Asynchronous delivery.
  • • Learning through Videos (LTV): Videos have become an indispensable part of learning. They make learning really interesting and exciting while adding life to concepts and making them engaging and effective.
  • • Blended Mode Online Courses: Blended mode online courses combine online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online along with traditional place-based classroom methods to make learning effective and easy.
  • • Project/Dissertation: Internship Projects/Dissertations allow students to align their project experience with their developmental needs and goals.

Top Recruiters


    » Applicants should have completed Graduation in any discipline or an equivalent qualification from a recognized University/Board. Applicants should have passed with a minimum aggregate of 55 % for General Category, and 50 % for OBC, SC, ST.


 2 Yrs    4 Sem     60

Career Opportunities :

  • MBA jobs usually include job roles like:
  •  Data Analyst
  •  Business Analyst
  •  Financial Analyst
  •  Data Modelling Associate
  •  Project Manager
  •  Marketing Analyst