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BBA Hospital Management With Seekho


Welcome to the BBA in Hospital Administration at Sage University. In partnership with Seekho, this innovative program sets the foundation for ambitious students seeking to make a positive impact in the dynamic field of healthcare management.

Why Choose BBA in Hospital Administration at Sage University?

As the healthcare sector continues to evolve, there's a growing demand for skilled professionals who can navigate its unique challenges. Our BBA in Hospital Administration offers a blend of business studies and specialized healthcare knowledge, preparing you to take on essential roles within this pivotal industry.

Program Features

- Comprehensive Curriculum: Courses are designed to provide a well-rounded understanding of the healthcare sector.

- Practitioner Faculty: Learn from seasoned professionals with first-hand experience in Hospital and healthcare management.

- Real-World Exposure: Gain hands-on experience through internships and practical projects.

- Collaborative Learning: Engage with peers and faculty in stimulating discussions and collaborative exercises.

- Seekho Super Degree: Become AI-proof with Seekho Super Degree.

Program Benefits

- Competitive Advantage: Stand out with a unique blend of business acumen and healthcare expertise.

- Practical Skills: Master healthcare-specific tools, terminology, and practices.

- Career Readiness: Equip yourself with sought-after skills in the rapidly growing healthcare industry.

- Future-Proof Education: Prepare for a rewarding career in a sector that impacts lives every day.

Program Highlights

1. Understand the complexities of the Hospital administration and healthcare industry.

2. Learn key medical terminologies and their applications.

3. Dive into the world of healthcare informatics.

4. Grasp the importance of service relations in healthcare operations.

5. Explore the emerging field of digital healthcare and healthcare analytics.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

- Understand the operations of the Hospital administration, including marketing, sales, and service relations.

- Use medical terminology and informatics in practical hospital settings.

- Conduct healthcare audits and implement quality management initiatives.

- Navigate the evolving landscape of digital healthcare.

Specialization Courses Designed for You

- Introduction to Healthcare Industry

- Medical Terminology

- Healthcare Operations and Service Relations

- Healthcare Audit and Quality Management

- Hospital Design and Management

- Health Insurance and Managed Care

The Advantage

The BBA in Healthcare Management at Sage University, in partnership with Seekho, offers an exceptional blend of business studies and healthcare knowledge. Our experienced faculty, interactive curriculum, and vibrant community set the stage for launching a successful career in healthcare management.

Take the first step towards your future with a BBA in Healthcare Management from Sage University. Embrace the opportunity to impact lives through healthcare. Join us and shape a healthier future.


    » Candidates must have completed their 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board.


 3 Yrs    6 Sem     60

Career Opportunities :

    Hospital Administrator

    Health Services Manager

    Medical and Health Services Manager

    Health Insurance Manager