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MBA Aviation With AHARADA Education


MBA AVIATION explores the exciting world of airports, airlines, and aviation. The Program focus on business expertise, Aviation law, marketing, and many unique aspects of the aviation industry. You will be optimally prepared for the daily demands of professionals in aviation, airlines, and airports. MBA in aviation management professionals work for a variety of national and foreign airline firms, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) lists over 247 airlines that deliver a wide range of job opportunities for graduates in the airline industry.

The objective of the MBA program is to transform students into leaders ready to tackle the ever increasing challenges of domestic / global business environment.

“Indian Aviation, flying high”

A rising proportion of middle-income households, healthy competition amongst Low-Cost Carriers, infrastructure buildup at leading airports and supportive policy framework will see India become the 3rd largest aviation market in the world by 2024

In the MBA in aviation management program at Sage University, you will gain hands-on learning experiences with airport field trips,Heliport visit,drone training,industrial visit. And since the aviation management program focuses on the core business structure of the aviation industry, you will gain advanced business knowledge that will help you prepare for a variety of aviation jobs after graduation.

What you’ll learn through the aviation management program

Finances, scheduling and regulations

Organization and control of airports, aircrafts and crew Management and maintenance operationsoperations.

The civil aviation Industry in India has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the country during the last three years. India has become the third largest domestic aviation market in the world and is expected to overtake UK to become the third largest air passenger market by 2024.

In today’s generation, time is the most valuable thing and the aviation industry plays a huge part in saving time by providing fast transportation.

The aviation industry is growing immensely, thus opening up various exciting opportunities for MBA Aviation post graduates. MBA Aviation is an underlying driver for tourism and thus it significantly contributes to the economy of our country.

Thinking about aviation, people usually think about becoming a pilot or a flight attendant. But there’s more to aviation, and MBA aviation precisely teaches about managing this particular industry.

The students are equipped with skills that are required to manage the proper functioning in the airport and also the airlines.

Along with managing, the aviation industry also requires branding. Since convincing people to buy costly services is a challenge. Therefore MBA students are highly required.

About Aharada Education:

We at AHARADA enable the students to explore their hidden potentials in such a way that they can be compared to the best in the world. When the western pattern of formal education gets grafted with Indian ethics it attains a unique strength that we impart to our students and they learn to face the tough professional challenges of the corporate world with rare ease and expertise. Whatever may be the area of their work, they reveal mastery in their vocation. It fulfills our fundamental goal that is to prepare them to perform well.

Aharada is an excellent preparation ground with positive, a productive environment where the students learn to choose with their eye on the all-around success. We transform the diverse young men and women into organic intellectuals where intelligence and emotional balance groom the traits of the character and quality of leadership..AHARADA education is beyond by offering internships and mentorship programs. The aviators ready to hit the industry.

Program Objectives

  • • Students of the programme will receive instruction on how to dress, groom, and maintain personal hygiene in accordance with the standard set by the travel and aviation industries.
  • • Students of the curriculum will have sufficient hands-on experience to comprehend the management and operations of the aviation and travel industry.
  • • Many teaching, learning, and pedagogical strategies are suggested that cold assist students develop morals, values, and ethics to help them comprehend and handle a variety of situation.
  • • In order to improve total managerial talents, the students must deliver management training that includes knowledge, planning capacity ,people relationship competence, and leadership capacity.
  • • To inspire students to think of innovative techniques and carry out research that can benefit both the nation and the individual.
  • Understanding of the essential components of effective communication, real-time feedback on their language structure , tone, and non-verbal nuances, personally and professionally, use assertiveness to bring out the best in one’s communication

Unique Features

Our top-notch training ground with a positive, productive environment where students learn to make decisions with an eye towards overall achievement. We develop the various young men and women into organic intellectuals where emotional stability and intelligence foster the qualities of character and leadership. In addition, our training partner Aharada Education possesses the following special qualities that no other college in India has.

  • • More than 90% Placement Record.
  • • 52 Seater Aircraft for Training..
  • • Helipad/Airstrips Visits.
  • • Regular participation in Webinars/Conferences.
  • • Lectures from Industrial Experts.
  • • On Campus Interview.
  • • Career Prospects.

The graduates can either go for a job in the aviation industry and can also go for higher studies in aviation management, air travel management, airline management, airport management, MBA and many more.

Top Recruiters

  • ● IndiGo
  • ● Air India
  • ● SpiceJet
  • ● Go First
  • ● AirAsia
  • ● Vistara
  • ● Alliance Air
  • ● TruJet
  • ● Flybig
  • ● American airline
  • ● Delta Airline
  • ● Emirates Airline
  • ● Qatar Airline
  • ● Nepal Airline


    » The eligibility for MBA courses is minimum 50% marks in Graduation examination and Merit of SAGE Entrance Examination
    (45% in Graduation Examination for students from Scheduled caste and Schedule tribe category)


 2 Yrs    4 Sem     60

Career Opportunities :

    The Civil Aviation industry provides enormous employment opportunities in India and abroad. From pilots to cabin crew, ground support staffs to maintenance specialists the employment opportunities have more than doubled in recent years in the aviation sector. The rapid modernization of airports into state-of-the-art has also translated into the creation of additional opportunities

  • Aircraft Operation Management
  • Ground Equipment Management
  • Line Maintenance Management
  • Base Maintenance Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Placement Manager
  • Airport Services Management; Transportation, Hospitality, Air Cargo (Logistics) & Baggage Handling, Fuel Supply Management & Quality Control, Estate Management and Air Field Security.
  • Corporate Fleet Management; Purchase, Leases, Conversions and Charters.
  • Airport Ramp Services
  • Ground Handling Operations
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Aviation Finance
  • Scheduling and Planning
  • Global Distribution Systems