BBA Banking & Finance With Seekho


Welcome to the BBA in Banking and Finance program at Sage University. In collaboration with Seekho, this carefully designed curriculum focuses on crafting the financial leaders of tomorrow. Our comprehensive program offers profound insights into the complex universe of banking and finance, nurturing students to become astute professionals in the field.

Why Choose BBA in Banking and Finance at Sage University?

The rapidly evolving finance industry demands skilled individuals with robust knowledge of banking and finance. Our curriculum, crafted in response to this demand, equips students with a profound understanding of banking principles, financial services management, and investment management. Graduates leave ready to make an impact in the dynamic global financial sector.

Program Highlights

- Gain a solid foundation in the principles of banking and financial management.

- Learn the intricacies of the Indian Banking System.

- Understand the management of Financial Services & Institutions.

- Master the aspects of Retail Banking.

- Develop skills in Security Analysis & Investment Management.

- Acquire knowledge in International Finance & Foreign Exchange Management.

Program Outcomes

- Gain a comprehensive understanding of banking and finance to navigate the global financial landscape.

- Apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems with on-the-job training and internships, developing the skills necessary for the banking and finance sector.

- Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to pursue a career in a wide range of roles in the banking and finance industry.

- Understand and comply with banking regulations and industry standards.

Program Details

- On-The-Job Training: Gain practical exposure to the industry through on-the-job training.

- Internship: 45-60 days of internship for hands-on experience.

- Industrial Tours: Two industrial tours provide real-world insights into the banking and finance sector.

Specialization Courses You Will Master

- Introduction to Banking

- Indian Banking System

- Management of Financial Services & Institutions

- Retail Banking

- Security Analysis & Investment Management

- International Finance & Foreign Exchange Management

The Advantage

The BBA in Banking and Finance at Sage University, in collaboration with Seekho, prepares you to become a key player in the financial landscape. Our outstanding faculty, comprehensive coursework, and strong industry connections ensure you'll graduate with the competencies, experience, and network needed to succeed in banking and finance.

Shape your future in finance with a BBA in Banking and Finance at Sage University. Unlock your potential and discover the wealth of opportunities that await. Join us today!


    Candidates must have completed their 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board. Students with a background in commerce, economics, or mathematics are preferred.


 3 Yrs    6 Sem     60

Career Opportunities :

    Financial Analyst

    Retail Banker

    Loan Officer

    Insurance Underwriter

    Investment Advisor

Syllabus & Scheme :